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Whether you do IT for a living or not, you realize that there’s just no way to be an expert in all of the available technology solutions. There’s simply too many products with too many features to be an expert in them all. Not to mention the countless new products introduced into the marketplace every day. So eventually, despite your best efforts, you’ll be faced with a problem that is risky to solve on your own.

That’s where we come in. SpeedyIT360 can be your go-to expert. Our people specialize in a wide range of business products, both hardware and software. So no matter what your IT issue is, we probably have someone on staff who will know just what to do.

There are other situations when having an IT consultant on stand-by comes in handy. One of the areas we specialize in is consulting with IT managers about how to get the most out of their current technology.

We can also help you to plan for the future. As your company’s technology ages, you must make very important decisions about what to do next. Or, as your company expands, you need to decide when it’s time to forgo the usual patches and quick fixes, and focus on designing a solution that will expand with the company.

We’ll help you assess your company’s current technology and give you the answer about what to do next!

As you know, the decisions you make impact your company in an enormous way. The conclusions and insights gained from security assessments, demand vs. capacity assessments, etc. are more important than most people in your company realize. While they may not appreciate the importance of this responsibility we certainly do!

Miss a gap in security, and your company could be financially liable for stolen data. Miscalculate your technology’s capacity, and company-specific data could be lost. We see this often.

But truly, we’d rather to be there for you before the worst happens.

There are lots of ways we can act as your consultant, but just know that we’re here when you need us, whether it’s configurations to full customizations.

We are multi-lingual. So we speak English, Spanish, and Geek Speak when it’s required.

A reason why being multi-lingual is so important is that, often, the person making the final call on spending money on IT support or services, doesn’t do IT every day. The ability to help the boss understand why a project or upgrade is mission-critical becomes very important. The company may actually lose money in the long term by not green-lighting the spend now, but if they don’t understand the reasons why; in their terms, an unfortunate decision could be made.

So although we can throw around phrases like bare-metal hypervisors and open source, platform-as-service systems we’re very good at using other words (when they’re needed) instead.

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