Most of today’s IT environments were not conceived and implemented as one homogeneous system at one time. They typically have been built over time with modules bolted on and hardware updated as needs changed and equipment broke down or became obsolete. This piecemeal approach to information infrastructure often means a company has a less than optimal system, one that can be fraught with conflicts, bugs and ridiculous workarounds.

It’s extremely valuable to organizations to periodically step back and evaluate the environment as a whole. With an IT assessment from SpeedyIT360, your entire IT environment will be assessed. Individual problems will be identified and any other issues will be quickly and easily highlighted. The assessment provides you with the knowledge and context you need to create an effective remediation plan and move forward with confidence.

SpeedyIT360 Network Assessment

SpeedyIT360 IT Assessments

Our comprehensive assessment helps you prepare for the future. More than just a tool for fixing existing problems, a SpeedyIT360 IT assessment can help you rightsize your environment for your enterprise. It helps you put the hardware and software in place that will optimize operations and communications across your business, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime due to system overload.

With an IT assessment, we evaluate your IT environment and your readiness to deploy advanced applications. This includes recommendations not just for software, but also for hardware and training.

Another important aspect of the SpeedyIT360 IT Assessment is the comprehensive overview of your IT asset lifecycle. This can help you plan and budget for future improvements and reduce the amount of time your IT department is operating in crisis mode. In addition, your assessment also tracks security updates to ensure you have the highest level of protection available.

Your time is your most valuable resource. Our assessment services free up your resources so that you can focus on improving your IT infrastructure.

A HealthCheck Assessment:
Identifies critical issues
Maps issues directly to potential solutions
Utilizes IT resources to enhance your business
Increases understanding of your IT environment
Provides more actionable and easy-to-use deliverables
Covers all locations with a single engagement – no limit on devices or sites