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Increase ROI for your business with technology project management guidance.

Two things usually pop up when an IT manager considers a major project on the horizon: Questions and Anxiety. After many successfully executed projects for our clients, we understand why.

More than anyone at your company, YOU get how serious a major overhaul or upgrade in technology is. Everybody else at your company outside of IT is worried about how the upgrade will affect them personally. You, on the other hand, have bigger concerns. You need the right solution for the entire company!

You have demand vs. capacity issues to consider, cyber-security concerns to contend with, a possible data loss disaster to avert. You cannot mess any of these things up. We’re talking about every user in the company not being able to log into the system, much less see the new icons! We’re talking about sensitive company and client information being at risk, and data loss that could be catastrophic to your company. And that’s just for starters.

We get it, because we help clients tackle major projects every day. Whether we collaborate with your team or we lead these projects, we address all the risks of the project upfront. Starting with the project assessment and planning, we answer all of your questions, test and verify the solution, and give you the answers you need to be confident in the project. Our history of major-project successes helps, too.

We even go one step further. We’ll assess your current technology, find out what your goals are for the future, then we’ll give you all the answers you’re looking for and we’ll do this for free.

Change is difficult. Your excitement about the possibilities of the new, is tempered by the unknown. But as an IT manager, you have more than your own change-anxiety to contend with. The anxiety of the end users is often directed at you. We can help with this, too. Before and after your new technology is launched, we’ll work with your company’s end users to help familiarize them with their new environments.

Because our clients represent many different types of businesses, no two projects are quite alike. Your project may involve moving your entire company to the cloud, or maybe rolling out new POS systems to several locations. Whatever your IT project entails, we’ll be there, by your side, every step of the way.

We’re looking forward to working for you.

Project Needs

If your project requires hosted, co-located, cloud or other offsite solutions, our network of facilities will serve you well.

Our facilities include two Teir-3/Teir-4 locations in South Florida as well as locations out of state. All of our data center facilities include continuous power features, such as redundant grid power, UPS power backup systems, direct-expansion CRAC cooling, and fire suppression systems.

The security of our clients data is one of our top concerns, which is why we offer facilities with controlled and escorted access procedures, positive ID of authorized agents, multi-level access systems (including FOB/key and biometric scanning), and 24/7 high-resolution video surveillance.

Depending on the facility chosen, our list of communications carriers is impressive: AT&T, CenturyLink, Global Crossing, Merrimac, PAETEC, TDS, Windstream, WIN, US-Signal, Verizon Wireless, Cogent, Earthlink, Level3, Savvis, TDS, Xfinity, and TW Telecom. Information Technology Support, services, and solutions is what we love to do; We love applying technology in practical ways for our clients.

So no matter the size or scope of your project, SpeedyIT360’s facilities can serve as safe, secure, and well-connected environments for your company’s hardware and data.

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