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Personal technology solutions that you can trust.

It’s accurate to say that the solutions we offer can fit into a few major categories. But, what’s closer to the truth, is that we offer a nearly endless variety of IT solutions. We have hardware and software solutions that come straight out of the box, but we can also configure, combine and customize until the solution you choose is perfect for your company.

Here’s the list of major categories:

  • Software Products such as Microsoft Office 365 Solutions
  • Hardware Products And Server Solutions
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Cloud, Hosted & Co-Location Solutions
  • Email Solutions and Database Support
  • Mobile Phone Management & Integration Solutions
  • Office Phone System Solutions

As an IT manager, you might already have a pretty good idea about what you’re looking for. But even if you have only a general idea about the solution you need, we can help guide you to the right one.

You may need to purchase industry-specific software, or renew licenses for software you currently use. We can help you with that! We’re a software solutions provider for major software companies, such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware.

Maybe you’re planning to update the hardware your company uses. Great! We’ll help you achieve that goal by getting the equipment you’ll need and offering our guidance along the way. We can provide you with hardware from all the big brands, from Cisco & Ubiquity routers to the top names in desktop computers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.

Not sure what solution is right for you? Maybe you have compatibility questions or believe the project might be bigger than anticipated? We’ll assess your current technology, find out what your goals are for the future, then we’ll give you all the answers you’re looking for. Ask about our Network Assessment

We are Information Technology Professionals and we want to get you exactly what you need to get the job done right.

Specific Solution Needs

If the solution you need demands off-site facilities, our network of data centers and junction points will serve you well.

Our facilities include two Teir-3/Teir-4 locations in South Florida as well as locations out of state. All of our data center facilities include continuous power features, such as redundant grid power, UPS power backup systems, direct-expansion CRAC cooling, and fire suppression systems.

The security of our clients data is one of our top concerns, which is why we offer facilities with controlled and escorted access procedures, positive ID of authorized agents, multi-level access systems (including FOB/key and biometric scanning), and 24/7 high-resolution video surveillance.

So whether it’s the cloud you’re looking for, or a VOIP solution, SpeedyIT360 facilities can serve as safe, secure, and well-connected environments for your company’s hardware and data.


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