The impact of IT on every business is clearly evident in our daily lives. From your dry cleaner to your supermarket every company has new technologies at their fingertips that allow them to operate more efficiently. The problem with this technology is that it needs to be managed! Often the cost of managing this with an internal resource is too expensive and therefore companies may not embrace the new technologies that are available to them. But there is a good solution in the MSP model.

So, what is an MSP?

Managed IT Support is the function of outsourcing elements of your support requirements to an organization that will monitor the systems in real time and proactively remediate issues on the network before they become bigger problems. This is similar to how a CCTV company will monitor a premises for security. These companies are referred to in the industry as MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

Managers and business owners need to focus on growing their business and stick to their measure competencies to do this.

That means more and more are moving their IT management to outsourced IT services or to a Managed IT Services provider. Here are the main 5 benefits of a managed service for IT support:

1. Increase productivity and efficiency

The great thing about using a Managed Service Provider is that all IT issues are solved through system monitoring and helpdesk support. This turns out to be more reliable, allowing your staff to concentrate on their jobs and be more productive and efficient. Of course, this means you can focus on your revenues and not on fixing complex IT problems. This enables a more reliable and more available systems, therefore allowing your staff to be more productive, more efficient and thus growing your revenues rather than dwelling on complex IT problems.

2. Lower costs

By leveraging a Managed Service Provider instead of employing IT staff in house to manage your IT requirements can help to save you a significant amount of money. With a dedicated in house IT department companies will waste money if that IT resource is not needed on a daily basis. The benefit of outsourcing your IT department is that you pay a set fee for IT support when you need it and as you need it.

3. Resourcing

Many hands make light work,¬Ě allowing a team of experts to manage and maintain your computer infrastructure rather than dealing with one single point of contact is far more constructive. Bu using a Managed Service Provider it allows a team of experts to manage and maintain your computer infrastructure rather than dealing with one single point of contact. By employing a team of staff at an MSP, you are getting a broader range of skillsets and experience. Therefore, you are not relying on one person’s opinion and experience but a wide and varied knowledge base to handle all of your IT associated problems.

4. Customized Plan –¬†Freedom Anytime

Another great benefit of outsourcing your managed IT support plan is that it can be customized according to your business needs. These plans are meant to be tailored in such a way that they ultimately meet all of your business requirements. Sound good, right? You can decide the type of service plan that you would like, for example you can include pay per device, pay as you go, block hours, or network monitoring.

5. Reduced Risks

Finally a fundamental factor in a company’s business continuity is to stay safe from harm, in this case to protect from IT security breaches and hacks security breaches are ever so prominent each day, Managed IT service providers will ensure that all necessary best protocol security measures are in place to ensure that you are one step ahead of the cyber criminals who lure around preying on networks that are not protected adequately to allow then steal customer information, intellectual property or just cause general wreck.

What does a Managed IT Service normally include?

A Managed IT Service contract will include the following services:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring & Management
  • Maintenance of all computer systems
  • Critical patching and updates management
  • Negating IT problem as they arise
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Predictive and proactive systems management
  • Support machine and server without end-user interruptions
  • Helpdesk support

So, it’s clear the question is NOT whether you should consider but WHEN?

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