Collaboration is a key element that all successful businesses and organizations have in common. Regardless of industry, business model, or other differentiating characteristics, instantly sharing data across your organization, with vendors, business partners, and clients is critical to success.

SharePoint 101 – SharePoint, a Microsoft product, is the number one information portal in the world. With easy to use intranet, extranet, and internet sites, SharePoint makes it simple for everyone to access critical information, regardless of their physical location.

With SharePoint and other Microsoft products, your organization can simplify business process initiation, streamline business processes, improve team participation, and more.

SharePoint is an amazing productivity enhancing tool that offers many exciting features:

Increased productivity – Work on or offline with a familiar Microsoft solution such as Word or Excel and then publish it to SharePoint for collaboration. Align business processes to simplify your organization’s work flow-total transparency makes it easy to ensure that project teams always know project status.

Improved data management – Advanced version control ensures that project teams work with the same version of data while preventing accidental deletions.Document ownership rights are simple to implement at the time of document creation.

Streamlined business processes- Align business processes and integrate them with your organization’s existing CRM and productivity applications and then publish it to SharePoint.

Simplified collaboration – Create and then securely publish documents for collaboration with team members by sending them a link to documents.

Integrated security- Protect individual documents at the file level-set access to read only, read and edit, or full permissions.Integrate SharePoint with other remote-access software for additional access control

Benefits of SharePoint – Whether your organization works from one physical office or is stretched across the United States, it will experience a perceptible increase in business process effectiveness, improved productivity, and increased net profits. With SharePoint, your organization can:

  • Connect staff for team building, information sharing, and expertise identification.
  • Increase productivity by developing easy-to-follow business processes for everyday organizational tasks.
  • Effectively manage and repurpose information for increased business value.
  • Simplify access to structured and unstructured information that is stored in different databases, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Securely share business data with team members without revealing sensitive information.
  • Meet regulatory requirements through comprehensive content control.

SharePoint Customization – Because your organization is unique, it should take advantage of SharePoint’s customizable features- We can help. Our team of SharePoint experts have the knowledge and experience to design your SharePoint environment to reflect your organization’s corporate style standards. Our team of experts can create custom customized intranet, extranet, and internet sites that present to your staff, vendors, business partners, and clients your unique brand. We can also create customized documents to complement SharePoint’s existing features.

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