Are you looking into options for adding an online CRM solution for your business?

If so, you are most likely looking at Salesforce, along with a few other options.

Zoho vs Salesforce CRM

Did you know that Zoho is another leading solution that is just as good (if not better) as Salesforce at a fraction of the cost?

Before we get too cutthroat with our comparison of Zoho vs Salesforce, I want to point out one important thing. CRM is somewhat very incidental to your company’s needs, corporate culture and philosophy, and when it comes to that aspect, you just can’t weigh hard data. There simply isn’t any hard data to account for tastes and philosophies. So while on a logistical level, one or the other may seem advantageous to your particular situation, it’s important to remember that that “taste” factor may preempt some of that. Also, when it comes to a comparison like Zoho vs Salesforce, there’s the fact that some of the hard data may be more important in different order as well. Some may consider pricing more important than others, and some may consider features or plan diversity more important, etc. So, just bear those things in mind when we compare things like this, because sometimes the statistical winner isn’t the winner in your own judgment.

When you compare Salesforce with Zoho Online CRM, we feel strongly that you will find there are 3 key benefits with Zoho that will help you avoid overpaying for an online CRM solution. Let’s look at these 3 differentiators that will help you decide the winner when it comes to Zoho vs. Salesforce. In our analysis, we will look at:

  1. Overall features
  2. The total cost of ownership
  3. The ability to integrate with your back-office accounting software

Zoho Online CRM Feature Comparison: Zoho vs. Salesforce

  • Zoho has superior inventory management functionality when compared to Salesforce.
  • Zoho recognizes the importance of your sales team to have real-time access to open quotes, invoices, vendors and products.
  • If you are in Sales, you know that if inventory isn’t available to sell when you need to sell it, then you can’t deliver the sale to the customer as promised.
  • You are also at risk of missing your month end sales goals.
  • The bottom line is: if your product isn’t available to ship then you can’t book it.
  • Zoho Online CRM gives you instant access to your inventory quantity on-hand and what is available to ship from what warehouse.
  • Visibility into your inventory availability is just one example of how Zoho helps your Sales team gain a competitive edge to meet or beat sales quotas.

Here are a few leading benefits of Zoho Online CRM:

  • Feature rich set with an intuitive web-based interface.
  • Affordable CRM solution at a fraction of the cost.
  • Available as an on-demand service accessible from anywhere – including your mobile device.
  • Fully customizable user interface to match any organization’s CRM workflow process.
  • Export your Zoho data anytime.
  • Increase your business productivity by automating key aspects of the customer life-cycle.
  • Continuous Zoho product updates without service disruptions and extra costs.
  • Dedicated customer support during implementation and deployment.
  • Local Zoho CRM certified consultants available for additional training and integration work.

Zoho Online CRM at a Fraction of the Cost: Zoho vs. Salesforce

  • Zoho Online CRM is 1/5 the cost of Salesforce and has similar features that you would expect from a leading online CRM solution.
  • Salesforce has a big reputation for being one of the market leaders for leading online CRM solution.
  • Did you also know that Salesforce is widely known to be expensive, costly and hard to manage and implement?
  • Zoho’s business model is to provide customers with an affordable, easy to use solution that offers the flexibility to run your business the way you need to run it.
  • Zoho is easily customizable to capture the data you need to help your Sales and Marketing teams increase sales and profitability.
  • Unlike Salesforce, Zoho’s “pay-as-you-go” model clearly gives customers the flexibility of shorter or longer-term commitments minimizing the risk of being forced to use a system also known as software “vendor lock-in”.

This diagram below illustrates how a 5 year investment with Salesforce compares to Zoho Online CRM. Clearly, the Zoho versions in blue and red are at a fraction of the cost of an investment with Salesforce.

5 year investment with Salesforce compares to Zoho Online CRM

Zoho Online CRM and Accounting System Integration: Zoho vs. Salesforce

  • Are you using QuickBooks? Zoho offers Zoho QuickBooks integration.
  • Are you using another leading ERP software solution like Sage 100? We have developed a seamless Sage 100 Zoho integration.
  • Our SpeedyIT360 & Zoho consultants are available to help integrate Zoho with your system.
  • Zoho also integrates with a number of robust Zoho Business Apps and the Zoho Office Suite (Mail, Meeting, Sheet, Writer, etc.).
  • Zoho is available on your mobile device so you can take your data on the road.

If you would you like to have a more in-depth comparison of Zoho vs. Salesforce?

Our experienced SpeedyIT360 CRM consultants will be happy to help you with your Online CRM selection process, customization, integration and training.

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